Your handbag is the accessory most likely to capture your personality, and you probably have very definite taste in handbags. But if you want to choose handbags which not only say something about who you are, but reflect well on your fashion sense, and have the budget to afford one, you will have a hard time going wrong with a Louis Vuitton purse. But you need to keep in mind that there are thousands of faux Louis Vuitton bags sold both on and off line, and you could very easily be tricked into getting one.

If you come across a handbag advertised as genuine Louis Vuitton, and the price seems too good to be true, you are almost certainly looking at a knockoff and should simply walk away.

Second-Hand Quality Is Better Than Brand-New Junk

Before you decide to go in search of your Louis Vuitton lather bags, you need to take a realistic look at you finances. A genuine current season Louis Vuitton purse will often retail at six hundred dollars or more, when purchased at a high-end fashion retailer. If that is more than you can manage, you can look for a pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags at a good reseller boutique; a pre-owned Louis Vuitton lather bags, if it has been well-cared for, is still a far better purchase than a replica.

While you may have come across replica handbags which seem, to your eye, to be identical to the original, they will be constructed from inferior materials and will not have nearly the quality of workmanship for which authentic Louis Vuitton Wallets are famous. Your replica handbag may disintegrate in a relatively short time, while an original Louis Vuitton, if cared for, will last a lifetime.

You will never go wrong investing in a quality handbag, be it from Louis Vuitton or any of the other respected fashion accessory houses. But if you are forced to settle for a replica Louis Vuitton bags, you should still choose one with the best possible quality, keeping in mind that they are seldom put through the same rigorous quality control tests as the real items.

Inspect before You Buy

If you are a proponent of fair trading practices, however, you might be concerned to learn that some reproduction designer handbags [] are the products of sweatshops, and their manufacturers are not interested in implementing any quality standards which might have a negative effect on their bottom lines. You can examine the interior of any handbag you are interested in purchasing, and study the stitching of its seams. If they are loose, or the interior lining seems to have stretched, you are probably looking at a poorly designed replica and will have to replace it in a short time.

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