Thinking out of the box could be a way to steal the show and being a show stopper. Women would burn holes in the pocket to reach out for the designer stuff.

Everyone who has money can get the designer accessories, but the attitude and the elegance that is needed to carry these with style wouldn't come with the care card or the dust bag of the designer product in question. Like for example, a lady would spend thousands of dollars to purchase a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Baseball Cap, when a simple cap wouldn't cost more than $20 at the max which she would wear along with a LV tote bag she is carrying for the afternoon. This would tell a great deal about her. She might be thinking that she is flaunting the LV bag and the cap but the reality is that there would be people mocking at her as she would seem like a LV designer advertisement. A LV cap and an LV belt is still understandable but not desirable though, but a tote bag with the LV cap is outrageous.

This is just an example, how people buy the designer stuff and assume that they would have the grace to carry it. There are women who are that graceful that even if they would carry the Louis Vuitton fake accessory, it would be perceive as the original.

No doubt, designer stuff adds an exclusive statement about the personality of the person carrying the designer product but it enhances the statement that this person's personality makes. At the same time, in case the designer products are not working for a woman the way they should, a woman needs to see what is going wrong for her. In majority of the cases, the ignorance about the fashion trends would be the reason.

Most of the designer stuff is carved keeping in mind that the customer who is purchasing it would know quite a bit about fashion and thus would be able to carry it well. For someone who is purchasing the designer stuff just to flaunt the economic stance would neither do justice to herself and not to the designer brand that she would be wearing.

The best way out is that a woman before she opts for the designer stuff should be a little aware about the do's and don't in the fashion trends around that particular designer product. For example, if one is looking at designer thigh high boots, before wearing it with anything and everything, it would be best to research a little around clothing which would go best with the thigh high boots. Wearing it the right way would add a statement and an attraction to the overall personality rather than just flaunting the economic stance.


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